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"I developed the product I couldn't find so that you could!"

My Motivation

Inspired by her want for a stylish and trendy bag to store her comb or brush in, Chicago native, Athalia Monae, invented, created and patented what is today known as the ALAHTA pouch, a hairbrush/comb pouch made from only the highest quality fabric in a beautiful assortment of colors and prints.

Athalia is also an advocate and speaker for Feed My Starving Children, a nonprofit organization that provides nutritious meals to malnourished children in 70 countries. A percentage of each sale goes to FMSC.

I used to wrap my hairbrush or comb in a paper towel before putting it in my purse; I didn’t want stray hairs transferring from the brush/comb to the interior of my purse. From time to time I would look for a pouch or something to store my hairbrush/comb in at the local beauty supply stores, as well as the large beauty supply stores, department stores, and even drug stores. But what they were showing me wasn’t what I wanted.

So, one day, as I was searching for a pouch in the beauty supply store for what now had been the seventh time, I thought I should search for one online. ‘Surely, there must be one online.’ I thought.

Later on, sometime in the wee hours of the morning; I started looking for a pouch online. I’m an optimist at heart, so I honestly thought I would find what I was looking for. Although I found something for a comb, it was not what I wanted. I decided to give it a rest, because after all, I was only looking for something to store my hairbrush or comb in.

The Journey

The giving it a rest didn’t last long though, and a few days later I sat at my kitchen table and drew a few sketches of what my vision was for this product I was looking for. That night, ALAHTA was born and the rest as they say, is history. Today, my product is patented and available online.

The whole objective behind my design was to create a brush/comb pouch that was of quality, available to women who also needed something to store their brush or comb in. It was not only about creating a product that is needed, but something that I can be proud of and something that other women will appreciate and find helpful. Today, I can say that I am very proud and I hope that other women will appreciate the ALAHTA pouch as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

This journey hasn’t been an easy one. There were many obstacles to overcome, with many difficult decisions to make. But I was determined not to allow any obstacles to stop me. While some of the challenges empowered me, others made me more knowledgeable and understanding of the journey other women in business have to go through in a mostly male-driven world. Today, I am very grateful for the obstacles as they helped extend my knowledge and journey in life.” —  ATHALIA MONAE

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