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Having trouble finding a pouch or case to store your hair accessories, such as a hairbrush or comb?

ALAHTA has the solution if you’re that:

  • An avid traveler– Our pouch is easy to store in your luggage, and it will help keep your contents organized and your clothing free of stray hairs.
  • A woman with the big purse that carries everything in there- This  stylish pouch storing your hairbrush is one more thing you can add to your must haves.
  • A gym goer- You will benefit from having our pouch in your gym bag for your grooming, after workout moment. 
  • A woman on the go- Having this pouch in your purse or travel luggage, and being able to not have to dig and find your hairbrush will make your busy days go more smoothly.
  • A hairstylist who travels for work-  We understand that keeping your tools clean and sanitized is priority #1.  The ALAHTA hairbrush pouch helps with that.

Protect - Organize - Locate - Make a Statement


  •  Makes your hairbrush easy to find quickly.
  • Helps you stay better organized, and your brushes and clothes are better protected too.
  • You’re not limited. This isn’t a one size only kind of hairbrush pouch. Our pouch was designed in a way that allows the customer to be able to store a hairbrush or comb of different shapes and sizes.
  • The material used to make this pouch allows for you to have options when it comes to the care of your pouch. You can either machine wash, or wipe clean.
Black White Alahta Pouch

Being organized creates discipline, confidence, and productivity


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